Description Shortcut
Arrow tool S
AutoScroll A
Bypass B
Cancel drag gesture Esc
Cycle through all modes Shift+Left / Right
Dynamics edit mode 4
Erase tool E
Fit content vertically F
Fit entire region into display Shift+F
Formant edit mode 3
Go to/Center cursor G
Hand tool H
Line tool L , or hold down Shift while using the Pen tool
Loop on/off \
Pen tool D
Pitch edit mode 1
Play / Stop Space
Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z
Redo zoom Shift+U
Return selection to default settings Del
Rewind W
Scroll left / right Left / Right
Scroll up / down Up / Down; PageUp / PageDown
Select All Ctrl+A
Select None Ctrl+Shift+A
Show/hide waveform in Pitch edit mode Shift+W
Solo track /
Time edit mode 2
Undo Ctrl+Z
Undo zoom U
Vibrato / LFO tool V
Zoom horizontally Ctrl+Left / Right
Zoom tool Z
Zoom vertically Ctrl+Up / Down