Thought I'd let JSonar8 users know about several important changes that took place within the latest daily snapshot of JSonar8.

  • Based on multiple requests from users Control+Shift+F11 and Control+Shift+F12 will now read „Say Punch From“ and „Say Punch Through“ time values respectively.
  • As a result, the „Say Current Marker“ function has been moved from Control+Shift+F11 to Control+Shift+F3 keystroke.
  • Similarly, the „JSonar Utilities“ menu has been moved from Control+Shift+F12 to Control+Shift+F1 keystroke.
  • To make life easier for lattop users, we are moving the most essential functions that rely on the use of the INSERT key to the „JSonar Utilities Menu“ One such function „Configure Cursor Movement Units“, which is useful when scrubbing and jogging with JSonar, will now appear in the „JSonar Utilities“ along with other functions.

The changes will soon be reflected in „JSonar Keystroke Guide“ and other relevant files.