Description Shortcut
All Tracks A
Dotted Note .
Draw Tool D
Enter a Half Note 2
Enter a Quarter Note 4
Enter a Sixteenth Note 6
Enter a Thirty-second Note 3
Enter a Whole Note 1
Enter an Eighth Note 8
Erase Tool E
Insert new MIDI Data Lane Shift+L
Invert Tracks V
No Tracks K
Open Snap dialog Shift+N
Pattern Brush Tool Q
Pick Track T
Scroll Left / Right Left / Right
Scroll Up / Down Up / Down
Scrub Tool B
Select Tool S
Show / Hide durations in the Drum pane O
Show / Hide Grid lines I
Show / Hide the Controller pane C
Show / Hide Track Pane H
Show / Hide velocity tails in the Drum pane Y
Snap Enable / Disable N
Triplet P
Undo Zoom U
Zoom Out / In Vertically Ctrl+Up / Down
Zoom Tool Z