OK, you say, what's the big deal? We are now on Sonar 7.0… Well, not everyone! And for those who are not, herewith comes JSonar5.3, a major update to JSonar5.

Some of the new features include:

  • Many goodies from JSonar6, such as
    • Multichannel VU meter reading and VU Meter clipping monitor.
    • Indicate meter clipping with speech or sound.
    • Manipulation of strips (track/buses) by range, e.g. mute tracks 1 through 3 or unarm tracks 3 5 7 21.
    • Announce tracks with data and empty tracks.
    • Announce time while jogging.
    • and more…
  • Support for JAWS 9.0.

As always enjoy and remember to donate a bit of money to the project if you love it! Big thanks to the JSonar community for testing, debugging and supporting in every other way.