Looking for Information on JSonar and Sonar?

Some will say that this post is a waste of electrons, but I will risk it still…

Did you know that you can quickly locate the content of interest by simply typing your keywords in the „search“ box above? Say, you'd like to find a shortcut key for a particular feature in Sonar or JSonar… Well, just type it and see what comes back!

Sonar Shortcut Reference posted

Upon popular request and thanks to the help of Mabian, ssrp at prjteam.com, and Tim Burgess, we are publishing Sonar Shortcut Reference here. Please note: this is based on Sonar 7.01.

JSonar FAQ... Did you read it?

We finally started adding most frequently asked questions to the JSonar FAQ page.

If you never used Cakewalk Sonar before or perhaps are wondering whether to start using one, it may be a good idea to review frequently-asked questions first. If your question has not been answered yet, you can ask it by contacting us through the support page.

Russian-language version of JSonar7 is in the testing phase

I am happy to announce that after months of work and with the help of Victor Gorelov from Russia, we have nearly completed the Russian-speaking version of JSonar 7.0. JSonar messages, JSonar installer as well as JSonar Readme are now translated into Russian language.

Please help us test by downloading the latest JSonar daily snapshot in the Downloads section.

JAWS 9.0 and JSonar 7.0 incompatibility problems

I am here to report that with introduction of JAWS 9.0 the sweet harmony between JAWS and JSonar was broken. In particular, the following features of JSonar will not work with JAWS 9.0:

  • Event view does not read properly when navigating with arrow keys.
  • Upon starting Sonar, JAWS will fail to find track tab control which is necessary in order to allow switching between „all“, „custom“, „I/O“ and other tabs in the track view.
  • The operation of Hot Spot Clicker scripts that we use for plug-in support is less reliable and sometimes confusing.